Can't pull from master branch onto local GitHub Desktop branch

A few friends and I have started using GitHub to collaborate on a Unity project. I’ve gotten the online version working, with a master branch and I had everyone create their own branches to do work on. Everything seemed to be working fine, and we could commit and make a pull request online in order to merge into the master branch. However, when trying to fetch and pull new changes from the master branch onto my own local branch, when I click “Fetch origin”, it loads and doesn’t give the option to pull, and the pull is never made. It’s almost as if the local version thinks that the master and my branch are up to date, but they are not. I’ve been trying to figure it out, so I was hoping someone online might be able to help out. Thanks in advance.



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After you have run

git fetch

you have to run

git merge

or you could do it in one command

git pull

which will fetch and merge from your remote repository.


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This is something I am stuck at as well, but to see the Pull origin after doing a Fetch origin , followed by Fetch upstream , I have to update the origin’s URL on the Repository settings.

I had outlined the same on a StackOverflow answer here.

But, I believe GitHub Desktop should handle this better and I am speaking to their customer support team to understand what the case here is, over email.

The user seems to be talking about GitHub Desktop here, instead of running these Git commands on a terminal.