Can't pull Docker images with large layers

I have a public repository I’m currently using for game server Docker images that are built by GitHub Actions. When I try to pull a built image I get a 502 error on the largest layer in the image:

$ docker pull

latest: Pulling from insurgency/dockerfiles/insurgency
5c939e3a4d10: Already exists
c63719cdbe7a: Already exists
19a861ea6baf: Already exists
651c9d2d6c4f: Already exists
9b428b306133: Pull complete
8cd7f3a5c808: Pull complete
fa84cf6a42b8: Pull complete
6d6a922b6d1c: Pull complete
a0c0d5cda54a: Pull complete
9fdb42014f51: Downloading [===============>] 40MB/129.5MB
9f6acd276cdf: Download complete
0f019e95d543: Download complete
09d94975b05a: Downloading
55e3bb80a045: Download complete
f575d803cf25: Download complete
bbb9d49d46d9: Download complete
9998fb59fbe4: Download complete
received unexpected HTTP status: 503 Service Unavailable

This seems pretty similar to this post, but instead I’m of having the issue when pulling instead of pushing.

The Docker image when built locally is about 10 gigbaytes:

docker images
REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID SIZE development 11b6104df48e 10GB

Docker images of these sizes have worked fine on GitLab for me, but unfortunately the free CI runners run out of disk space so they are not able to complete pushing a final image, which is why I’m trying to use GitHub Actions where this isn’t an issue.

I forked your repo and created own docker image package, I can reproduce the same appearance as well. However other packages like ‘steamcmd’ work fine. I have raised an internal ticket to confirm, and will update once there’s a response. Thanks.

Hi @h1nk ,

The error ‘503 Service Unavailable’ is from Fastly varnish cache. This seems to be for a specific layer in the docker image with SHA: ac5dd148b1132eddfeea50ea056104af38b7d360573f8c257e69f7f3ff743b1d

It exceeds the maximum size limit and caused the error, please check the link here for more details.

Could you please try to break up the image into smaller layers?