Can't open the folder on my repository

Hello, as you can see, i’m totally new here, and right know i’m learning WEB development, and already have problem. I attached screenshots, but basically problem is that i can’t open folders. I manage to push them on Github, but that’s s all, further I just can’t understand, i tried to delete repository and make new one, but this won’t help.
I will appreciate of any help.

The last screenshot looks like you didn’t actually commit files in folders, instead you added two submodules called private and public with URLs that GitHub can’t resolve. Maybe you called git add on folders that were already Git repositories? This could have happened implicitly with the git add . you did.

I tried that out, those are not clickable to me too

seems you are creating submodules ?

Hello, little by little but i start to understand where is the problem. It’s seems, that i have a few repositories with the same file. And because of that, the github is confused, where to send files. But it’s really strange, little bit, because before i add new repository i delete previous so it should not have any problems but it seems not. So now i restored repository and i will try to figure out how to merge all files in one. But still thank you for your reply i really appreciate it, and i was surprised that there was replying so fast, it helped me to understand the mistake.

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