Can't only create workflow/actions from web page?

I’m creating a cookiecutter template for pypakcage, and I’d like to setup CI using github actions.
if using travis, all you need is to put a traivis.yml into the repo, then push the file to github repo, CI is triggered. However, when I doing similar things with github actions, the workflow is not created.

by doing similiar things I mean, I have created .github folder at local, and put a workflow script there, then push it to gihthub. Then I checked from github web page, the script(main.yml) is actually there, but the actions are not triggered.

So the only way to enable github actions is to create it from web page?

If you would like to help, these are extra info may help:

  1. the cookiecutter template repo here
  2. the repo generated by cookiecutter:

The workflow file in your repository has branch filters so it’ll only run for pushes or pull requests to master, but your default branch is called main. You’ll have to adjust the branch filters to when you actually want it to run.

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Works like a charm. after I change branch filte to [master, main], it worked.


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