Can't log into GitHub because of losing Two-Factor Recovery Code

I’m having a problem with my GitHub account. When I logged into another GitHub account, I needed to input the Authentication code(6-digit code). But I did not save my Two-Factor Recovery Code when I registered and deleted the 6-digit dynamic code in the mobile APP TOTP Authenticator. So I could not log in to GitHub again. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Here’s the documentation on the options you have:

I hope something works for you!

I have tried everything on this document. But those do not work for me. Is there any way I can cancel this account and re-register again?

You can still try to contact support and see if they can verify your identity some other way, but I fear the chances are slim. I’m sure they won’t let you delete an account you can’t login to.

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If support can’t help you gain access to your old account they will at least be able to remove any email address from that account, where you can prove ownership of the email address.