Can't log into Community on Android

With the GitHub app for Android installed, it seems that logging into GitHub Community doesn’t work.

Has anyone else run into this? Maybe found a workaround?

My Android device without problem and I just logged out and logged back in from the APP now and it worked ok as well.
I can also access directly from the browser app on my phone.

Hmm, changing the Android app settings for “Open supported links” to “Ask every time” works. I am posting this from my phone.

This is probably related to the problems I have when trying to “View on GitHub” from an email notification about Discussion activity on a repo. That also hasn’t been working (hangs when tapping those links), as if the GH app claims it can handle all URLs but then fails to do so for certain kinds (discussions and SSO, for example) and doesn’t fall back to opening them in a browser.

Unclear if my particular browser setup (Lynket) is contributing to the problems, as I’m sure the app team only tests with “normal” mobile browser apps like Chrome or Firefox.

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As you guessed the risk of using a browser that is not listed as supported-browsers (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox) by GitHub is some features may not work as you expect, or at all.

I would expect a lot enterprise organizations that use a SSO configuration would (or should) being use a device restriction policy, so as a result that would block (intentionally) the access to organization resources from unknown devices, which could include Mobile Apps.

My GitHub Community App Open by default shows no defaults set and “Open supported links” to “Ask every time”.
In my GitHub App “Open supported links” was set to “Always allow”

yup, just like supported browsers, some extensions can even change the way GitHub will look like in a web-based access, others encountered this kind of error,

so yup, that’s just a word of caution

Before y’all go too deep down the “unsupported browser” rabbit hole, let’s be clear: Lynket simply wraps the Android version of Chrome, and is not its own rendering engine. Its utility is that it redirects web links to a floating bubble, to be opened when the user wants, instead of immediately bringing a browser to the foreground. (Very handy when scrolling through lists of headlines, like Google Discover.)

There is something going wrong, though, if the settings for GitHub’s app and the various browsers on my phone align just right. If I can pin down the exact combination of settings, I’ll file a Lynket issue.

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I am facing the same issue, but I just logged out and logged back in from the APP now and it worked OK as well.