Can't join GitHub Sponsors with personal Account

When I go to the GitHub Sponsors site and click on “get sponsored” ( my personal Account doesn’t show up.
I started filling in some Information some month ago, but than discarded everything bc I made some mistakes.
Could that be the reason my account doesn’t show up anymore?

hxr404 is my personal Account (where I want to add Sponsors)
and hxr404team the organization account (where I don’t want to add Sponsors)

should I open a support ticket?

I’ve been searching on the Internet for a very long time, but seems like I’m the only one who experiences this weird bug

Update: There is some really weird stuff happening.
I tried accessing the dashboard ( directly
and then I was prompted to enter sudo mode and then I did.
but after confirming my password, I was just redirected to a 404 page.
Now the weird thing is, if I go to it works! (As soon as I try to add a tier it 404’s instantly)
These are the working links: (It even works) (“You cannot send updates to sponsors when your GitHub Sponsors account is disabled.”)

Same here, any suggestions now?