cant install ANYTHING i download from github

i have 6 downloads from github and i have tried to install them using gdebi, apt-get install, aptitude, pip install, and dpkg -i and not one download installed. I suspect i need to add somthing to /etc/apt/sources.list but search on line 2 days and cant find answer to simple quistion " what do i add to /etc/apt/sources.list to install from github" and cant find anything that makes any sense! Please tell me what the heck i have to do to install a package? and why cant i simply download and install it? i really need pidesktop-base-1.1.0 and netgear A6210 drivers please help.

Hi @db86694,

How you install software that you get from GitHub will depend on the software itself. You will need to check the README files of the repositories in question to find installation instructions.