Can't get releases last or list from api

Hello everyone! I can’t get releases from api, but I have 37 releases! What is problem?

    "success": false,
    "message": "Access denied"

Everyone can get releases, but I can’t(

I tested one of your repo, and I’m getting results,

this is a public repo, are you getting releases from a private repo?

Hello! I can’t get releases from this repo:
I’m developer and it’s a private repo. I’m really know about more 10 releases from this repo, but can’t get(

I read that anyone can get the releases from repository, besides, I already got auto-updates from this repo and everything was fine. Initially, I thought that this was due to the changes made to the code, but after rolling back to the old version, the error was repeated

yup, you need access token to access that, create a personal token first or if there is one, make sure it is not expired,

It’s very strange, because I did new token with all access, it worked before, but anywhere - I don’t understand, how will my application receive auto-update? Will this repo must be publish?

are you the same user convolo? you have two accounts?

It’s not my repo, it’s company repo, but I have access for it. I’m sending commits to it

If it’s an organisation, you need to request the organisation owners to allow access to org repos from your access token. You cannot access it directly by making an access token from your profile unless the org grants acess to the token.