Can't get links to open in new tab

Hi All,

First of all, I am very, very, baby new to coding, so please be patient.

I am trying to insert target="_blank" so that my links will open in a new tab.  However, all this does in invalidate my code.  I have tried taking the following steps:

  • Changing “” to ‘’

Also of note: I am hardlining in Divi’s Visual Builder, and it is auto-inserting a rel=“noopener noreferrer” when I at the target=_blank attribute.  I have tried changing “” to ‘’, to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Mind if I get a little bit more context? Perhaps a source file so I can reproduce?

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Hi @theanachronist ,

Double quotes or single quotes should not matter, neither should the  rel attribute.

Could you indeed give a bit more context as @mattcavazos0 requested? Specifically:

  • What browser did you use?
  • Can you provide a bit more code?
  • How did you obtain the screenshot (from Developer Tools, your IDE, etc.)?