Can't get access to old account

I’ve tried emailing support 3 times over the last month with literally no response. My old account with username ruchitkank was tied to my student email address that doesn’t receive emails anymore after graduating. I can’t log in to the GitHub account without it prompting a password reset, the verification code for which goes to the email address that doesn’t receive emails. I can somehow still send emails from that address and have done so to show I control it but that didn’t get a response either. I have the Octodroid app for GitHub that apparently has the repos cached on my phone when it was last used in April so the best I can do right now is export all my code to PDFs, can’t even download the ZIP since I guess it tries to go through GitHub and fails authentication needing a reset. Has anyone actually received help by emailing the GitHub Support?

Hi @rkank,

Thanks for being here! I see our support folks have already assisted, will lock this post. Feel free to post again if you have any other questions.