Can't fork github project

Tried to fork via web interface (button “fork”)

got error

“This repository is temporarily unavailable. The backend storage is temporarily offline. Usually this means the storage server is undergoing maintenance”

All are good on server side. I know other ways to fork, but it’s strange that can’t do via web.

Hello @non1979

I was able to confirm this issue, strange, as the repository is only 742MiB and other bigger repos fork just fine. GH status also indicates no issues.

Regards. =)


OK, some noise… After making this post, adding some commits to unrelated projects, I went to check my fork and low and behold, fork was complete all in my profile.

So, deleted and reforked, issue reappered. Clearly something is going on, hope any of this helps.

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Hey friends,

Sorry for the delay in response here, are you still experience this issue? If you are and haven’t already, please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further.