Can't find my branch after deleting project

I’ve accidentally deleted from my computer a Unity project I was working on with a group of people. I got one of these people to send me back the whole repository via email. Now every time I open GitHub Desktop it tells me it can’t find my project and that it was last seen at “C\Users…ecc”, and it wont show my branch as existing. The rest of my group still has the project both on GitHub and their pcs. Is there any way I could recover it?

If its available on github you can clone it again from there and you will have fresh working copy on your latest machine again.

I did as you said, although it seems that Github Desktop still can’t recognize my local repository. I tried with “add local repo” but it keeps telling me that the selected folder is not a Github repository. I am new to Git so it’s really giving me a hard time with figuring all this out. Thanks for your attention. 

You need to clone  your remote repository in  a new folder. Follow these steps

create new folder

in new folder (from command line) write “git clone <repo url>”

this will clone latest remote repo in your local  folder and you are ready to push your code. 

Please check the URL i have shared.