Can't find a subscription plugin for my needs


I need some sort of subscription service and I can’t find any type of plugin that does it.

I am building a website on Wordpress where clients have a monthly recurring subscription of let’s say X dollars. But I also want to offer the option to personalize the subscription, in a way that the client can select any products he wants, until he gets to the limit of X dollars.

A more practical example: I am a client, and I’ve opted for a 100$ subscription. But I have to build the subscription box myself, and I have 10 options/products, each with a different price.

So I’ll select Product 1 (10$), product 2 (60$) and product 3 (30$). The total is 100$, which is the maximum. And the system doesn’t let me get over this limit.

Is there some kind of plugin that does that? From what I’ve researched, I think it has to be something between a classic subscription plugin and a store credit plugin.

Looking forward to your answer, thank you.

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I want to know about your requirements mean which type of subscription plugin you need I can guide you further as I’m a SaaS expert.