Can't edit comments in Github "Issues"

If I want to edit my own comments within conversation to an Issue nothing happens.

  • I click on [***]
  • a dropdown menu shows possible actions
  • I click on [Edit]
  • nothing happens

Hello @thomas374b,

We will be happy to help you trouble shoot this issue!
Have your permissions changed on this repository?
What browser version are you using? (is it the latest?)
Have you tried in another browser?
Does the issue continue after clearing the browser cache?

Same thing here as with the other topic. It works again. I can’t reproduce the error.

My browser version is Firefox 63.0.3. I can’t use a newer version because of LIBC incompatibilities.

Hi @thomas374b,

Unfortunately, we don’t support that version of Firefox. Some behavior in that browser may be unpredictable.