Can't download assets

I’m trying to download “” archive file from Release v5.17.15-lqx1 · zen-kernel/zen-kernel · GitHub . Every time I try, the downloads are incomplete, i.e., in this case the file is supposed to be ~236 mb, but the downloads stop at 80mb or 128mb without any failed download notification. Please suggest me how to fully download

no problems on my end,

that was smooth download actually

maybe it’s your connection or your local setup, firewall Chrome extensions etc.,

I don’t know why, but except for this kernel source file I can download almost anything. If you don’t mind, could you please share it with me using google drive.
Thanks and regards.

Finally the problem solved. A friend of mine shared me 5.17.15 Liquorix source on Google drive, and I recompiled that to my liking. Now my system is nimble and crazy responsive. Thanks Team Liquorix for all the effort.

I just wanted to point out, it looks like you just wanted the binaries, not the source. On the Liquorix homepage, it provides instructions for Ubuntu users:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:damentz/liquorix && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-image-liquorix-amd64 linux-headers-liquorix-amd64

I recommend you uninstall the version provided by your friend and install using official instructions.

Thanks for your concern.
I was looking for the source. But don’t know why I could never succeed in downloading the same. Every time it would result in an incomplete download. Downloading using aria2 and other download managers didn’t help.
Then one of my friends downloaded the source and shared with me on Google drive. Funny enough but I could download that file from Google drive.
The file size that you saw on synaptic in the earlier screenshot is the installed size, not the package size. I used your source package, did “localyesconfig” followed by “menuconfig” to further tweak (mostly disabling or discarding every possible unnecessary bit) some parameters to build the kernel packages the way I like them. In fact, I’m happy of the result. On this recompiled kernel, my system boots fast and applications are perceptibly more responsive. Well, here is the screenshot of the actual file sizes.

how about trying to download it in Incognito mode ? just right click the download link then open it in Incognito mode

Incognito mode did not work. I’m believe the problem lies in both places: my internet connection and github. Let me explain:

  • I’m actually using a tethered connection, not broadband. Of course, the speed is not steady.
  • Downloading from github doesn’t show the size of file, whereas from many other sources, such as Google drive, do.
    I’m not sure if I’m right. But now that the job is done, I’m happy. Again my thanks to the Liquorix team, they are doing a great job in making kernel responsive for desktop. The binary files from liquorix desktop would have served the purpose, but I wanted to create a minimal kernel, as a part of learning experience as well as low disk print. So far the results are rewarding.
    Thanks all.

yup, glad you mentioned that, I think, I’m really on to GitHub side, whether it is working or not, that’s why I’m just asking,

maybe there is a particular setup there that is not letting you to complete or say the connection is slow and GitHub will simply abandon the request

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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.

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may be the fault is from your your network connection
buy more data and try downloading it with a higher data rate like 4gig GHz

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Very true. Github downloads didn’t work on my slow tethered connection, but worked perfectly on my friends high-speed cable net. Infact he shared the downloaded file on Google drive and that worked on my slow net. I also plan to switch to fast net. It’s all about time. Let’s see.

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