Can't display any avatar (even images from

Since some days ago I can’t display any avatar in any repo. The following image is a screenshot from the Alamofire repo (GitHub - Alamofire/Alamofire: Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift). And as you can see I’m not able to load any image, including the ones from the

  • I have cleaned my cache
  • If I use another browser: Safari, Chrome, etc I have the same error (even if I’m not logged in)
  • Same happens when I use the browser from my mobile (without been logged)

Do you have any clue?

thanks in advance!

I’ve been experiencing this and similar problems (especially CSS not loading correctly, showing broken page layout) on and off, intermittently. Some days the problem seems more frequents, others less, but I’ve never experienced it as a permanent problem (usually refreshing the page one or more times solved it).

If you’re experiencing this constantly, you might try and test if using a PROXY or an alternative DNS fixes it, in that case the problem could be with your ISP or default DNS settings.

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