Can't create an organization using a name that appears to be available

I was hoping to create a team/organization through but when trying to use the account name I want (e.g. example-org) it states that the name is already taken. The strange thing is that visiting returns a 404 when using the account name I’d like to use.

Any ideas?

I’m don’t know how the page looked when you visited, but for me it looks like this now:

Which shows that the organization with name example-org is taken, it only hasn’t any public repositories yet (but it may have private repos etc.).

When you request a profile page of some organization that really doesn’t exist, GitHub shows a proper 404 page as expected (e.g.

The example-org was an example. I’m seeing the 404 page for the organization name I’m actually trying to register but the form doesn’t let me register it.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to just leave a quick explanation here as I find this quite interesting.

This phenomenon whereby the system won’t let you register a username but there’s no profile at the URL can happen for a couple of reasons.

Most commonly the username being tried is using unsupported characters.
Some usernames are simply unavailable because of namespacing (go to for example)

There are some other internal reasons this can happen but I think the above are the most common.

Definitely reach out if you would like more information on whether a potential username is available because it’s not showing up.


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