Can't create a stripe account - my state isn't on the list!

I’ve been preliminarily-accepted into the GitHub Sponsors program. As part of the process of signing up, I’m told to create a Stripe account. I don’t really know what that is, but - fine. So, I follow the link, and immediately I’m requested to choose a state/country in which I have a mobile phone and from which I will operate, from a list of … very few states. Specifically, I live in Israel - and it’s not on the list.

I’ll note that I was able to select Israel earlier, on other forms. I’ll also mention that I’m ok with receiving funds at an account in a stripe-supported country. However - I don’t have a cell phone for getting their verification code, except here where I am now.

What do I do? Help :frowning:

I’m sorry for the disappointment. I’m afraid Israel isn’t on our list right now:

You can sign up there to be notified as soon we are able to expand access. As you’ve noted, our international reach is determined by our payments processor. As soon as we can get you your sponsorships, we will!

I see. In that case, I think it is important that you clearly tell people about this before they fill in all of the relevant information and expect to be able to finalize their registration. Clarify people in which countries can actually join.

That does sound like an annoying way to find out. I’ll pass on your feedback!