Cant compile telegram

I cant compile telegram course code from GitHub source pls help me

Please paste the error that you see. We can’t read your mind so send over the full stacktrace.

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I am trying to create an android app from the source code of Telegram.

  1. First I downloaded the source code from here and extract it into my computer. github/DrKLO/Telegram
  2. Then put my release.keystore file in this folder TMessagesProj / config
  3. Fill out RELEASE_KEY_PASSWORD, RELEASE_KEY_ALIAS, RELEASE_STORE_PASSWORD in to access my release.keystore
  4. Then open my firebase account and create a project in it My App then create two App in it 1. 2. then googleservice.json with Replaced the file with the project file.
  5. Then open the project in android studio and put my own api id and hash id in this file. TMessagesProj / src / main / java / org / telegram / messenger /
  6. Then changed the telegram from my app by going into strings.xml.
  7. Then put my package name in build.gradle. defaultConfig.applicationId = “”
  8. Now I started to build the build was done successfully.

Now I installed that apk file in my android phone till then everything was fine but as soon as I connected my phone to the internet, I saw that wherever I did My App instead of telegram, there was a telegram all over again. . I think I have made a mistake somewhere, but I do not understand, please tell me where I have made a mistake and how it can be rectified.

.jks and .keystore are the same?