Can't commit using web interface

I made a Github account 3-4 years ago and never used it.

I logged in today, and was prompted to change my password, which I did.

Using the Github web interface:

I created a new repo and made an initial file.

I edit the file, enter commit message, but no matter what I do, the “Commit” button is grayed out.

I cannot commit any changes.

I do not have protection rules.

I cannot upload files either using web interface.

 This seems like such a simple thing. Why isn’t it working?.

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Hi @barnettconsulting,

Thank you for being here, I’d recommend checking the following:

  • Have you verified your email address with GitHub? When you’ve changed the password, you might’ve received another email asking to verify your e-mail address.
  • The only other thing that I can think of that would cause the _Commit Changes _button to remain disabled is if the web editor did not detect that any changes were made to the file in question. Have you tried using a different browser?

I hope this helps!


I figured it out. I was using Chrome. I tried Mozilla Firefox and it worked. I am using WIndows XP and which only supports and older version of Chrome.

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I’ve the same issue (using XP) but using exactly before mentioned Firefox (ver 52.9.0, last version supporting XP). Additionally I cannot select another Branch anymore. Does Github still have the possibility to test Github Repos using Firefox 52.9.0 under XP? Or do I finally have to upgrade my good old XP to be able to edit on github?


I had the same problem on Mac OSX using Safari. Switched to Chrome then it worked.

Go to Inspect Element -> Find the button -> Remove the ‘disabled’ attribute (Note: Will only work, if you are actually allowed to commit; It’s a little client side change that is not guaranteed to work.)

Annoying, but web safe. (I use Safari, and the button doesn’t work since last month on my Mac)


Thank you, this worked for me.

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I use safari too. However I’m on mobile so this doesn’t work for me. Any other way that might work?

I know it’s been one year, but for those who’s still trying to figure out why the button stays disabled, if you’re using something like uBlock Origin, you might have the 3rd-party-scripts disabled. Undoing it made the button come back.


Same thing happened to me when using Chrome. I switched to Firefox and it worked. Then I cleared cookies/cache/etc. on Chrome and Chrome worked again.

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I am facing an issue.The commit button is disabled for all my repos while it was working fine 2 days back.
I tried with other browsers as well.
Please help !!