Can't commit a change

Hello there
I am updating a branch I have full admin rights to. I can no longer commit changes I have made to the content. The commit button is greyed out and I get a “no entry” symbol when I hover over the commit button. I haven’t worked on the branch for a while, but surely that should not have any effect on my rights to access the content? Any ideas? Thank you!

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try logging in in Incognito mode or any private browsing in other browsers and test whether you still can’t commit

or if that belongs to another user, maybe you already don’t have the write access, maybe you can ask the owner of the repo

Thank you both. I own the repo and I have tried to log in incognito (and via other browsers), but no luck. It is really strange.

I’ll keep trying and if nothing works I’ll clone the repo and try to update that one.

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if you can send the URL, that is much better so we can take a look also

Thank you for getting back to me. As I wrote, I can not commit in any of my repositories. For example this one:



Pretty sure they meant the repo URL not the web content URL :wink:

you already committed last 2 days ago,

seems this issue is fixed