Can't clone private repository Github desktop

I’ve been trying to clone to my machine a private repository I have in my Github account using Github Desktop. I can successfully login to my account on Github Desktop and I see a list of my repos. The issue comes when I try to clone one of those repos either choosing one from the list or using “Clone from URL”, that I get an error message “Authentication failed”:

2020-08-29 01_13_40-GitHub Desktop

I enter my username and password and get the same result.

I must say I already have a personal token created and I have even tried many things like revoking the Github Desktop access to my account and granting access again or removing credentials from Windows credential manager.

Now I don’t know what else to try or if I’m doing something wrong for thins to happen.

Hi @lonesome-rider :wave:

Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having here.
Is this repository one that you own?
What steps have you taken to store your credentials in Windows?

Are you using HTTPS link to clone the repository?