Can't claim an username even if it is not used at all since 9 years

The username “pankajsingh” is taken but the account was made in 2013 and has not been used ever since, no commits nothing.
After I requested Github Team , I was told that the username can’t be released. but why ?
Just creating an account and not using it for eternity , is it not wrong ? Why can’t someone claim it if the account itself is dormant since Day 1 for almost a decade ?

If the user has some private repo then I can understand but atleast I should be informed about the reason why my request was declined.

Ticket - #1162120

GitHub cannot disclose a reason because private activity is private. That said, you can use the GitHub API to identify when a user was last active on the website and make a best guess at whether or not a username is truly abandoned.

$ curl

As you can see from the response, the user was last active in 2016 and so it’s reasonable to assume that in their 3 years of GitHub usage they probably have created or participated in a private repository.

My own experience of GitHub and abandoned usernames has been positive: when a username was truly abandoned – i.e: no usage – GitHub have released the username under the Name Squatting policy.

So is it possible that the username has no private repo, but just logged in 2016 ?
In that case after how many years now will that username be eligible if their is no user activity after 2016, coz it is 2021 which is 5 years without any activity.

You can no longer claim usernames even with the Name Squatting Policy. I just contacted support few days ago and they told me that the policy has changed and this is no longer possible…