Can't check "Run workflows from fork pull requests" in organization settings 🤔

Hey :wave:
I can’t check this in my oraganization settings:

Do I need a subscription? :thinking:
Would be nice to have at least a tooltip which says what’s going on :face_with_monocle:

Just want to chime in that we are seeing the same thing with a Team plan. No idea what’s going on.

Hi, sorry to hear about this.

Just checking – are you trying to change this setting from the repository’s settings page or the organization’s settings page?

If this is from the repo’s page, could you check that it is also enabled on the organization’s settings page then try to set in the repository settings? ORG/settings/actions

Lastly, could you ensure that you’re the organization’s owner?

Apologies, I didn’t see your reply until now. I am the organization owner, and after enabling this on the organizational settings, the repo-specific settings are now working. Does this mean that the organizational settings are needed to “unlock” this feature, which is enabled on a repo-specific level via these repo settings? The text there could be improved IMO, but thanks for the help.