Can't change webpage name (title) in browser tab

Hi all, I have a Github website that I made using RStudio and RMarkdown. Bought the domain from google.

I am trying to change the the title/name of each page as it appears in the browser tabs. For example, on the Homepage (index), the tab says, and when you’re on the research page it says

I’ve tried opening up index.html file and changing what’s in between the \<title\>\</title\> tags, but once I Build Website in RStudio, it automatically reverts to what it was before. Any thoughts?

Looking at the examples via Rstudio gallery, you want to put the title in the header of your .Rmd file. E.g. this line:

title: rCharts NYT Interactive Home Price

goes in the .rmd file between the two lines of “—”.  [The line above taken from sample rmd]

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