Can't change role of a user who pushed a container image

I have a Docker package that I pushed manually for the first time, so I become the “owner” of it. (It is kind of sad that I have to do that. As an owner I should see everything in the organization)

Then I configured a (different) build user with a PAT to push images automatically (I don’t want to use my own user with admin privileges)

The build user pushed an image with the same tag to the package.

At the same time, I added a team (that I’m a member of) as Admin to the package, so that I’m not a SPOF when it comes to managing access. As a result, I was removed from the list of members (but still had access since I was the member of a team with Admin access).

This was surprising, but okay. But as a result of these events, the I can’t change the role of the build user anymore (and I assume it’s an admin or became an owner because of me being kicked out?)

Actually, I can select it and attempt to edit using the bulk actions, but it gives me an error page.

Did the build user just become the owner of the package? Ideally, I’d want it to have write permissions only.

Update: I pushed the same tag manually again and it sort of made me the “owner” again, at least I can’t ban me anymore and the build user shows up with Write access again. I’m guessing this is a bug somewhere?

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