Can't change a repository url in GitHub Desktop

I’m working my way through the introductory Github courses in the Learning Lab, working on the “Uploading your project to GitHub” course, and I’m hitting a wall.
I’m told to make a local repository in GitHub Desktop, and then change the Remote Repo url under repository settings. I’ve read through instructions on how to do this, and it’s supposed to be easy. repository>repository settings> change the url in the remote url field, hit save.

However, when I try it, here’s the interface I get:

There’s no way for me to see, access, or change the remote repository’s URL, which is what I need to do to complete the course, not to mention something I may need to do later when working on real projects. Was there an update to GitHub Desktop that changed this interface since the course and instructional documents were written? am I dumb and missing something obvious?

I’d appreciate any help on how this is supposed to work.

@Shamandown I’m so sorry you’re having trouble with this course!

I did some digging and I can promise you that you are not dumb nor missing anything. It looks as though GitHub Desktop is much different today than it has been in the past.

Since the github-upload repository already exists on your account, even though it is empty, we can clone it down to your local machine using GitHub Desktop.

Let’s try to fix this.

  1. Click file>clone repository
  2. Select the URL tab and paste in the repo URL that you copied as a part of this step
  3. Now create the .gitignore file as before
  4. Enter a commit message
  5. Commit to master
  6. Click the Publish branch button

Those steps should get you back on track! I’ll will get this documented so we can update the course to be current with newer versions of GitHub Desktop.

Let me know if you need any further help :smile:

Thanks for the info. That looks like a good workaround, and something I may need to use in the future.
I did end up getting success by following one of the other methods the course recommended: using the command line. Always good to get more familiar with that. Can’t say I understood what I did, other than follow instructions, but it worked. Understanding will come in time.

Thanks again for the help!