Can't cancel my subscription

Hello! I’ve been trying since may to cancel my subscription and I can’t do it. I did create a post in may but I’ve only had one answer and it did not help me. I tried to contact the support team and nobody answers. Here is my problem (How to cancel the subscription?)

Can somebody please help me?


I was going to suggest you to call the support but since you already did I don’t know what to suggest else. Maybe send them an email ?

Hi @alinroman7,

If you haven’t already, check the inbox of the email address registered to your GitHub account - it sounds like @andreagriffiths11 helped get you in touch with the awesome folks over at GitHub Support.

If you haven’t already, you’re likely able to cancel your subscription following the steps on this GitHub Docs article. If you’re not able to, or can’t see any email from GitHub (try checking GitHub My Tickets for the conversation), you can get in touch with Support over at

Let me know if you’re having any issues with GitHub - I’d love to help you.

Hi! It looks like we did send you an email to assist you in cancelling your subscription.

In your other post, you mention you’re paying $5 a month. This sounds like Large File Storage (lfs) to me.

if you are unable to downgrade using this method because you still have files using lfs, you’ll need to remove the files taking up bandwidth and storage:

If you need assistance with that, please get in touch with support directly: