Can't cancel github action workflow

Decided to delete repo and re-start.

I’ve got a repo where a GitHub workflow has shown as “in progress” for over two days. It (fortunately) is not accumulating any processor time since it failed.

The error message it gave when run is:

Validation Failed: {"resource":"Release","code":"already_exists","field":"tag_name"}

It probably got stuck after I tried to restart the workflow after deleting the duplicate tag after the workflow’s initial failure.

Needless to say, I’ve subsequently clicked on “Cancel workflow” and have received the “You have successfully requested the workflow to be canceled.” message (many times) – but the job is still sitting there.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this frozen workflow? Thanks in advance.

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I am having the same issue.

I have the same issue: A workflow that cannot be canceled. Also, GitHub Actions doesn’t honor any changes to my workflow file – so I can’t just start another job with different configuration!

GitHub, DO something! This is not good.

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Same here… the build step is stuck in a loop and I cancelled twice the run but nothing has happened yet…

I am also having the same issue. Won’t be able to cancel the workflow. It’s been running for 19 mins, still running. How do I cancel the workflow. It doesn’t allow me to cancel.

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One of my jobs is also stuck in queue and I can’t cancel it.

Same here. GitHub saids “Failed to cancel workflow.” when I clicked “Cancel run” button.

All of my recent Github jobs are in Queued status, seems it is happening globally right now, unable to cancel them as well.

all my jobs are queued too…

There has been an incident regarding Github Actions.
Check this:


When I checked it, it was green, but thank you for the update!

Oh I see. Thanks a lot

all my jobs are queued too

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience during this incident this morning, and sorry for any disruption caused.

The engineering team have deployed a fix so your Actions workflows should now queue and run correctly again. The team believe that most queued jobs will recover and run correctly but this may not happen immediately.

Secondly, search on the Actions page and via the API may return incomplete results. If you have an application, integration, or workflow that relies on this then be aware that these results may be incomplete for the next few days.

We still have a lot of queued jobs. Will you post here when the backlog has been executed so the queued jobs are expected to have run?
Also, what should we do with queued jobs that are stuck?
Cancel workflow does not work.


Same issue, have a queued job that I can’t cancel (“Failed to cancel workflow.”). Runs daily and has worked for months without issue until today.

Same issue here too, actions queued for 10 hours now and can’t cancel

Same issue, one action is pending for 22 hours now, and it cant be canceled.

We are also stuck with several actions that are queued for 22 hours now and can’t be canceled.