Can't cancel github action workflow


I have setup Github actions to deploy automatically an Angular app when new commits are pushed to Staging. But i have a issue, the workflow seems to be caught in an infinite loop which is quite problematic and i can’t cancel it.

When i’m trying to cancel it, i have the following error on my network tab : 

{"error":{"code":13,"metadata":{"_internal_repr":{}},"details":"Could not cancel the execution of the Workflow"}}

Has anyone ever had this problem and how did they fix it ?

Thanks for advice.


Hi @wirno,

Thanks for taking the time to report this! I’ve escalated your report to our engineering team for further investigation.

While we don’t yet have a specific ETA, I’ll be sure to post here as soon as I have some news to share.

Same here.
One docker action and most failed actions with node workflow have same behaviour.

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I noticed this happen just now after a docker push command failed.

Is there any way to cancel the job?


Im having the same issue here. Up to 6 jobs are stuck in “Queued” state and can’t be canceled. Weird.


+1.  All of my actions are stuck in either the queued state or they finished in a short time but are not exiting.  Alas, it’s blocking some rollouts now.


Same here. All of my actions are stuck in ‘Queued’ state and I am unable to cancel. More importantly is the actions are not executing.


we have the same problem here!


Same problem. Been 40 mins and still queued. I tried to cancel but it wouldn’t.


facing the same problem actions are queued and unable to cancel the run

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same here, in queue for an hour already.

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To pile on…yeah I am also seeing my workflows stuck in ‘Queued’ status.  Note: I’m using the hosted runner ubuntu-18.04.

Our self-hosted runners are also failing.

2019-11-12 19_30_36-gh-runner@debian_ ~_actions-runner.png

I think GH is having a bigger issue…

I also have multiple actions stuck in queues in 2 repos


I was thinking: Apart from hardware specs, security and control, what is the point of having self-hosted runners if you can not rely on those when Github Actions is down. 

This is something Github needs to address.

Add me to the list of those having this same issue!

I’m also encountering this problem:

Having the same problem now.
Github says

but the job continues for 8 min already.
Is there a way to stop it?

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I published a tool that might solve this issue:
With this tool, all you need is to push yet another commit.

I’ve a job that’s been running for 12 hours! Finally found this thread, and tried @fkirc solution to no avail. Any other suggestions?