Can't assign some people in the organization as reviewers

Today I have created pull requests, and I have tried to assign members of my team as code reviewers, and some people on my team do not show up in the list of available reviewers. Other members of my team can’t assign me as reviewers. I’m not sure when this started happening - we didn’t have this problem last week, but we first noticed it today. Nothing else has changed in our organization or settings. I still see everyone on the list of organization members and so far I haven’t noticed anything else that I can’t do.

I can assign reviewers in the github app on my phone.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?


Yes, also encountering this, starting today. Valid usernames are not accepted as Reviewers sporadically on several repos, even though they have correct Roles. Seems like the Assignees field is working properly.

We are seeing this in our repositories as well. It only happens for some PRs and some users.

In our repo, the list of available reviewers changes seemingly at random. “Alice” might be a reviewer choice for PR1 but not PR2, for example.

We first noticed this on Tuesday January 5th for us, if that helps triage at all.

I’d wildly speculate it might be a bug deployed to after a holiday codefreeze.

I’ve noticed it as well. Started yesterday with a teammate of mine, then I experienced it this morning.

It seems to be, at least for me, the Suggested reviewers for a PR are the names missing from the list.

I reported this to GitHub support, and they are aware of the issue and working on it.