Can't Add Repository

Hello–Trying to add my first repository to GitHub Desktop (Mac) using preexisting folder

  • /Users/jonathan/Documents/CareerFoundry/Course_1/portfolio-website
When I try to follow the instructions to for "Adding a repository from your local computer to GitHub Desktop" from GitHub Desktop Documentation, it fails. See attached screenshots:

TIA, Jonathan

Solved, sorry for any inconvenience. I had inadvertently made my home directory into an (u added) Git repository with an added .git subdirectory and another .git… file. I deleted these, then:
• Moved the files and folders from my intended repository into another folder;
• Deleted the intended, now empty folder of the intended repository;
• Created a new, empty folder with the same name;
• Successfully added the new folder as a repository, committed it;
• Moved back the files and folders from their temporary location;
• Recommitted the new repository with its added contents.

Hope this may help someone in the future.