Can't add new files to child branch

Hi everyone:

I’m new to Github. I can’t add new files or upload new files in my child branch. Every time, even though I selected my child branch and clicked the “add new files” button, the page was refreshed and it always redirected me to the main branch. I don’t know why this happens. Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you!

:wave: Welcome, and thanks for the report!

I was able to reproduce this myself and it looks like a bug. I’ve raised it with the team and I’ll keep you up to date.

In the meantime, if you’re up for learning something new, you should be able to add files to any branch using the command line or GitHub Desktop.

Thanks! Yeah I had no problem adding new files in the selected branch via CLI, just couldn’t do it on Github website.

@yanyanming77 - our team says this is fixed - please let me know if you’re still seeing any issues!

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It works now, thank you!

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