Can't add a collaborator

I am trying to learn how to use GitHub. I have created 2 accounts. I’m in account 1 and I invite an account 2 collaborator. Account 2 receives the e-mail invitation and accepts, but account 1 never sees anything.

Is this because GitHub sees that both accounts have the ssame IP address? (I’ve looked all over docs, helps and this forum.)

– David A. McMurrey

Hi @davidmcmurrey,

Thanks for being here! Our Terms of Service state that an individual may not maintain more than one account:

If you haven’t already, please contact us at so we can look into this issue and your account futher.

Hi, Andrea. Thanks for the reply. I needed 2 accounts so that I could set up a video-based GitHub course for my technical writing/editing students at Austin Community College. I have 3 different e-mail accounts, but I can’t get them to work with collaborators. I think GitHub looks at IP  addresses. – David

Got you, you might take a look at applying for our free benefits for teachers: