Can't Access My Private Repo With Personal Access Token

I’ve never used a private Git repo until recently. I’m having trouble with gaining access to my private repo from my local machine. I’m given this message when I try: remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository '[Org]/[Repo].git/' not found.

I’ve already initialized my local repository. Now I just need to connect it to my private remote repository. I’d like to use my personal access token instead of ssh.

Here are the commands I’m using on Windows:

git remote add origin https://JeffMII:[Token][Org]/[Repo].git
git add .
git commit -m "Commit" ---> Output: On branch master nothing to commit, working tree clean
git push --set-upstream origin master ---> Output: Gives me the error

So my team figured out the issue. It seems that the admin role I was assigned does not have permission to push to the private repository. We switched the role to owner, and now it works.