Can't access GitHub when sharing wifi from phone

I just moved to a flat without internet, so I have to share my connection from my phone using a hotspot. Everything works fine even with other git providers. But for some reason I can’t access any thing on GitHub, not even the main page. From the phone there’s no problem accessing but not from any of my laptops.

Hi @lifeBalance and welcome to the GitHub Support Community! If you’re able to connect from on your phone, I expect this is likely software running on your computer. First, I’d like to check if your computer’s DNS provider allows you to resolve GitHub. Could you please nslookup or dig

Next, I’d like to know the exact error message you’re receiving.

Finally, I’d like you to try a test clone using both HTTPS and SSH, to determine if there is something blocking HTTPS traffic to GitHub.

Please let me know what you find. Thanks! Allie

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Nslookup GitHub gives me:
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reache(I at the end, new users can’t paste links here)
The output of dig github is similar.
I can access without issue, so https seems to work.
How do I do a test clone?

Hi @lifeBalance if you can’t get a DNS lookup reply for GitHub, this points to either a custom DNS server or software on your computer proxying DNS and blocking GitHub - do you have any security software running you can temporarily disable to test it?

Can you please provide the full output from nslookup as well as nslookup - replacing with anything you can access? Thanks!

Well I have the same issue on two machines: one running macos and another on Ubuntu. None have any software that I know off that could interfere.

That photo tells us that your laptop seems to be using an internal DNS cache.

How about the query for

Hmm, is it possible to clean that cache?

That’s really odd, the cache should at least give you an error response! If you can try dig, that’s usually a little more verbose.

It’s probably possible to clear the cache, how depends on your system. E.g. on an Ubuntu or Debian desktop system you probably either have systemd-resolved, or a dnsmasq instance started by NetworkManager, unless you set up something else. No idea about non-Linux systems.

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Odd indeed, especially bc the issue appears in 2 different machines and only with

Ok, found the source of the issue. There’s a setting on my sh**ty android phone named Private DNS. I had to turn it off, and finally could access github from my laptop connected to my shared WIFi. (Go figure what that setting does…)

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