Can't access any * domains for the last couple of weeks

I have been having troubles accessing * domains so I’m wondering if they are blocked by GitHub or not?


From Canada, I have not noticed any issues accessing web sites hosted on Maybe there’s an issue at a country’s level.

Can you provide an example of an inaccessible web site?

No it’s for me from the last month or so. I can access it via proxy.

If I click on, then it keeps reloading forever. If I access via a Proxy Site, then it works fine.

I’m probably blocked by someone but don’t know who? That’s why I asked. Probably anything that uses * is blocking me. Would love to know which service is it as I can’t access any projects.

It sounds like your Internet provider, or at a government level, is blocking access. Maybe in an attempt to block one specific subdomain they simply blocked everything.