Cann't trigget the Ctrl+k after commeting using Ctrl+Enter

When I submit a comment with Ctrl+Enter, the focus goes to a new comment’s textbox and as the result the Ctrl+k creates a new URL in the markdown rather than opening the Command Pallet. Typically users don’t put comments back to back in the same thread, but they generally would like to move elsewhere. So I believe the focus should not go to the new comment’s textbox in general.

P.s: So far loving this command pallet feature. Well done!

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Thanks for sharing this feedback @mmahmoudian and I’m glad to hear you’re loving the command palette so far! :tada:

I’ll share your feedback on how we handle focus after posting a comment with the team, but in the meantime we did think through how to still support opening the command palette when inside a text editor. You can use Ctrl+k / Command+k or the following alternate shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+alt+k on Windows & Linux
  • Command+option+k on Mac