Cannot Remove Repository microsoft/vscode

I log into my Git account and have only three repo’s, however, one of them is not mine, I do not own it. I have tried leaving it using the leave collaborator’s repo but do not have that option. it is also not listed when I choose my “Repository” tab. It only shows when I first log into Github on the home screen. The only thing I did was post a question in this repo regarding VSCode, so I am assuming that is how it was added. Can anyone let me know how I can leave the public/collaborative repo microsoft/vscode. See screen shot, thank you.  RepoTryingToLeaveFrom.JPG

If you mean the list of repositories on the left-hand side of the page []( when you’re logged in, that list shows the most recent repositories that you’ve participated in. It’s mean to be a quick reference list, so as you are active in more repositories the ones that you haven’t done anything in recently will fall lower and lower in the list. There isn’t a method of removing a specific repository from that list.

Let us know if you have more questions.