Cannot remove e-mail because it's used in sponsors, which isn't true

Recently changed my primary e-mail for notifications and alike to a different, dedicated one.

Since I use another e-mail now would I like to remove the old one and by the looks of it should this be possible without major issues.
However, clicking the delete icon gives me this error in response:

The issue is, that I can’t find any “GitHub Sponsors” settings whatsoever. The closest I was able to find is “Your Sponsors” which basically shows my my dashboard, which was pending at this point…
I did delete/disable my sponsor account recently, since I never got it to use due to Stripe being extremely picky regarding documents to verify my bank account ownership, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough to remove the email.

Where could I now find my GitHub Sponsors settings to finally get rid of the old email?

just recently? how many minutes?

I think, you just need to wait,

I waited a few days now and the issue persists, so either the sponsor account wasn’t removed properly, or there is a setting I can’t find/don’t have access to to truly remove the e-mail from…

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we are not yet sure whether you have the same situation,

let’s see whether there will be a trend on this, I’m just collecting for now,