Cannot reach the "Assign yourself" step for GitHub learning lab.

Cannot get learning lab started; stuck at Introduction to GitHub page (page title in the web browser is “Assign yourself”) at this URL:

  Intro page

The page shows the message box “You (sic) repository is being setup…”.  (Please check that message text for a typo in the message, “You” should be “Your”.)

I never reach the page to ‘assign myself’, and cannot start the course.

The page seems to be reloading about every 5 seconds.

The message box has a link about installing the GitHub Learning Lab app; when I click it, it brings up the page showing settings for my installation, which shows “installed 41 minutes ago” (I’ve been working on this for a while), and shows Repository Access as “Only select repos, clp/training-kit”.  I think my setup is OK.

When I start at this blog page, and click the Start Learning link, it shows a page with 

“Your courses” that lists Intro to GitHub, and a Start button.  Clicking that Start button shows me your 404 error.

When I go to my GH account and open the github-slideshow repo, it has an image link at the bottom (Code, Issues 1, Pull req 0).  Clicking that link shows a page with only that same image on a black background; there is no further setup to be done on that page.

Thanks for any help.

@clp first, let’s look at the issue with the repository.  It looks like you chose the option to install the app only on selected repositories. This means that each time you register for a course, you will need to install the GitHub Learning Lab app on the course repository after it is created. You can do this by:

  1. Accessing the following link:

  2. Clicking  Install GitHub Learning Lab on github -slideshow

  3. Typing github_-slideshow_ in the “Select repositories” box

  4. Clicking  Save

  5. Returning to to enjoy the course

Second, thank you for catching that typo! We just deployed a fix.

I have followed your steps, and even though I already installed the learning lab on all repositories, the five second reload remains and the 404 error stays the same. The only difference is that in my case, when I view the repository on github itself, there are no issues and the entire repository is empty.

I might have forgotten about something, but to me it seems something is going wrong in setting up a course repository.


Nevermind, whatever was wrong was fixed when I left the course and joined it again.

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I have exactly the same problem, however leaving course and joining once again didn’t help :frowning:

@radekkaniecki could you try reinstalling the app as was suggested here?

I am also facing the same problem

@amarlearning We’ve made recent changes to the app to address the 404 error. If you attempt to reinstall the app, you should be able to proceed as expected.

Please let us know if we can help troubleshoot further!

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