Cannot reach any page via IPv6

For what it is worth, Apple is requiring apps that are submitted to the app store support ipv6 only networks0, and I know Github doesn’t have an app, but it shows that major companies are taking ipv6 seriously.

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Dual stack which functions normally and all I get is connection timed out when trying to download from github.

Oh well, hope whoever’s sticking with github to migrateto gitlab soon!

Any update on this?  This is quite embarrassing for Github as we enter 2020.


Just want to note that “doesn’t currently support IPv6” is an answer to the question but not really a solution on the modern Internet, and that’s probably especially true for folks who (would like to) use Github.


They’re only really requiring you not to hardcode v4 addresses and let DNS64/NAT64 work. (I’ve heard some mobile carriers use NAT64 now…)

They’re not actually requiring everything to actually be accessible directly over v6.

GitHub does have an official app now:

GitHub, including Pages, doesn’t currently support IPv6. (Though you can test if your end of the connection does using a tool like )

How about now?

Except for Github not having IPv6 and not having flying cars, we’re in the future.


November 2020 … Any update ?


What could be the reason to insist on a protocol from September 1981 in 2020 and ignoring the state-of-the-art protocol (that is almost 22 years old!) for a major site? I have no clue.

However, there is GitLab and they support IPv6. Moving projects from GitHub to GitLab seems to be an easier method than manipulating network traffic (chaning DNS queries, proxying…) and is more universal (on some sites you might not have the possibility to do those network manipulations).


It is the end of 2020. About 30% of the Internet is now on IPv6, so it is a reasonably significant amount.

Adding IPv6 support is relatively trivial, if you can’t do dual stack then a simple reverse proxy will work (or a CDN).


I came from the future, it is 2036 and GitHub still haven’t implemented IPv6.

Serious though, it’s a real shame. C’mon Github/Microsoft move your asses. This thread has been around for 3 years now!


Could someone explain why github is not supporting IPv6?

Almost 35% of access to google is over IPv6, see: IPv6 – Google

What’s the problem?


Created a GitHub account just to add my voice. It’s 2020. We’ve ran out of IPv4 adresses, buying an IPv4 VPS/server/anything can go up to tripling the costs per month, but GitHub, one of the major developer platforms for code distribution… doesn’t support it, at all.

It’s 2021, GitHub is owned by Microsoft, one of Internet’s biggest “giants” that sells IPv6 servers and we don’t have IPv6 yet… Perhaps now would be the time to move to IPv6?


Let me first suggest another important reason of why github should support IPv6:

  • more and more smartphone users are on IPv6; when they try to access IPv4-only sites there are intermediary conversions which reduce the performance of the communications. If the website were on IPv6 then the communication system would work much better.

Let me now reply to the original question of why github does not support IPv6. I do not know, but I can speculate:

  • maybe the virtual machines at github are on an addressing architecture that might need a SLAAC be on longer-than-64-prefix subnets. SLAAC does not support that. This kind of problem was reported at other virtual machine providers.
  • maybe the login/authentication mechanism is not very well working on IPv6. This can be noticed on some websites hosted at Microsoft Azure: accessing the content on these sites on IPv6 works ok, but the login process fails on IPv6 (needs partial IPv4 and partial IPv6 access). But I am not sure that github space is hosted on Azure.

But this might be entirely far from reality. So I can only ask the reasons why is not on IPv6.


GitLab and BitBucket both support IPv6. C’mon, GitHub, get with the program!


At this point, I’ve mostly given up on GitHub. I’ve moved all the repositories I’m actively developing that are under my control and all new repos to bitbucket primarily because of this issue.

Sad, really. I’m going to also be encouraging others to take similar action.


Its 2021
Man comon implement ipv6. It cant be that hard

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It’s a little over 9 months until the 10th anniversary of World IPv6 Launch. Will GitHub manage to deploy in time?

It’s almost 2022 and still no ipv6 support for, that’s really frustrating!
What’s the problem?

ROFL this still an issue? Like, come on. Server hosts are no longer offering IPv4 with servers and are extra!

IPv6 support for GitHub Pages was rolled out back in September.

You can learn more about this here: