Cannot reach any page via IPv6

IPv6 support would be great, so we can build github-depending software in ipv6-only containers, saving us the hassle to maintain ipv4 support for those containers that we don’t need for our organisation internal services. FYI, all major linux distributions including repository access already work without problem on ipv6-only networks.


I’d like to add my support to the request for github and wikia to enable IPv6 support.

There’s really no obvious barrier to doing this. Git software can easily support IPv6. Adding IPv6 to web servers is a well known, well trodd, well understood path.

Turns out that lack of IPv6 support on github is proving to be a gating issue preventing a number of environments from dumping support for antiquated IPv4, inflicting unnecessary expense and inconvenience on those environments.

FWIW, Atlassian BitBucket fully supports IPv6, so please consider this in your competitive landscape.



I also think GitHub should support IPv6.   There is a lot of interest in using the platform in the IETF, the lack of IPv6 support is a problem for this.

Could someone explain why it isn’t currently supported.




Came here to add my vote for IPv6 here as well. I’ve been designing my networks with v6 first and this is yet another major barrier.



Yes. It is about time. I got the same “we value your input” reply 3 years ago. Please act now.

And please add _full_ IPv6 support, not just for your webservers. We need IPv6 for Mail and everything else as well. Currently, github is pretty much useless for me.


I honestly cannot believe that common online developer tools like GitHub and Launchpad did not already support IPv6 connections years ago. Boggles the mind. C’mon, GitHub - get your act together!


I’ve resorted to proxying github traffic through TOR (which supports IPv6)  in order to reach github from my IPv6 only hosts. 😞

git config --global http.proxy 'socks5://'

Like many that are commenting here, it wasn’t until a search was done that we have found out why our IPv6 systems cannot connect to GitHub.  Please allow access to IPv6, which has been around for many years and is quite ubiquitous now. More and more hosting companies are charging us extra to use their precious, few IPv4 addresses and are giving away IPv6 addresses like a howitzer hitting a pinata.


Just discovered for myself that GitHub does not support IPv6.

Guys, I’m sorry and I don’t want being rude, but in 2019 this is just facepalm.


Here is my solution/workaround. It requires:

  1. a server/vps (a bridge) with IPv4 connectivity and a couple of IPv6 addresses, ideally a /64

  2. install gpr ( on the bridge

  3. create gpr.json on the bridge server as follows:

"" : {  
"dstPort" : 443,  
"localPort" : 443,  
"localAddr" : "[2001:1111:1111:1111:0000:0000:0000:0001]",  
"dstAddr" : ""  
"" : {  
"dstPort" : 443,  
"localPort" : 443,  
"localAddr" : "[2001:1111:1111:1111:0000:0000:0000:0002]",  
"dstAddr" : ""  

  1. run gpr gpr.json on the bridge;

  2. on the IPv6 only servers, append the following lines to /etc/hosts 2001:1111:1111:1111:0000:0000:0000:0001 2001:1111:1111:1111:0000:0000:0000:0002

And you are ready to rock and roll.

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Instead of using precious TOR resources, better setup a NAT64 gateway in your network.

But other than that I totally agree I can’t believe github doesn’t support it already. How are the developers supposed to develop for the new protocol and make the change happen if they’re hold back?

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This has been bugging me for years since all my FreeBSD jails are IPv6 only and it’s a pain to maintain NAT64 just for the purpose of downloading some software hosted on GitHub. It’s 2019 now and still no improvement on GitHub’s end. I cannot understand that of all platforms GitHub must be one of those who seemingly completely ignore this topic.


I’d also like to repeat the others in this thread - GitHub Pages should support IPv6!

I’ve recently migrated a static site to GitHub pages. I’ve had to drop IPv6 support as part of that migration. :frowning:

In the meantime I am going to keep a look out for alternative providers… Maybe GitLab Pages will support IPv6 soon?


Just a note that if you are using a link local IPv6 address within fe80::/10 for your proxy (ex: from an IPv6 only buildbot so that it can reach luddite IPv4 only services such as github or your buildbot master), you need to add the interface name to the localAddr IPv6 addresses.  Such as [fe80::2:3:5:8%enp1s0].

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For what it is worth, Apple is requiring apps that are submitted to the app store support ipv6 only networks0, and I know Github doesn’t have an app, but it shows that major companies are taking ipv6 seriously.

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Dual stack which functions normally and all I get is connection timed out when trying to download from github.

Oh well, hope whoever’s sticking with github to migrateto gitlab soon!

Any update on this?  This is quite embarrassing for Github as we enter 2020.


Just want to note that “doesn’t currently support IPv6” is an answer to the question but not really a solution on the modern Internet, and that’s probably especially true for folks who (would like to) use Github.

They’re only really requiring you not to hardcode v4 addresses and let DNS64/NAT64 work. (I’ve heard some mobile carriers use NAT64 now…)

They’re not actually requiring everything to actually be accessible directly over v6.

GitHub does have an official app now:

GitHub, including Pages, doesn’t currently support IPv6. (Though you can test if your end of the connection does using a tool like )

How about now?

Except for Github not having IPv6 and not having flying cars, we’re in the future.