Cannot re-run a successful workflow run using the REST API


I’ve recently came across what I believe is a limitation of the REST API for managing workflow runs (

I’ve tried re-running a successful workflow run using this endpoint, but I get this message

    "message": "This workflow run cannot be rerun",   
    "documentation_url": ""

I know it’s possible to re-run a workflow run directly from the GitHub UI, but it would be very nice if we could re-run workflows runs from the REST API too. Are there plans to remove this limitation?


Hi @tiagobento
We can re-run a workflow run directly from the GitHub UI, this is a new feature introduced on May 26, 2020. Currently the REST API does not support re-run a successful workflow, so i recommend that you could submit a feedback here. Thanks

If the reason is that I cannot rerun a successful one, then at least the message should state that, instead of just saying “cannot”.

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Just retested today and unfortunately nothing changed. The message is still the same, and successful Workflow Runs cannot be re-run using the API. I’d really love to hear from GitHub staff why they decided to add that limitation so I can stop thinking about creating a custom Workflow that prevents semantic conflicts when merging PRs.