Cannot push repository "fail to connect" "connection refused" "check internet connection"

Last week when I pushed in this repository and everything worked fine. Today, it gives me an error shown as “fail to connect”. I google this problem and some people say about Http proxy. However, I make sure that I am not using Http proxy.
Also, I try to start a new repository and publish it and it also gives me an error showing that “unable to publish this repository, please check if you have an internet connection and try again”
I am connected to WIFI and I have no idea what is going wrong. Could anyone help me with that issue?

Port 1080 is commonly used for a SOCKS proxy. I can’t guess why one might be configured on your system, though. It’d also be helpful what software you’re using, maybe someone on this forum is familiar with it.

I am using a vpn but when I stop the vpn it is not working also. I wonder if that could be one reason.