Cannot publish an action with the API

I am able to create a release using this action in my workflow. That release that I’m creating is of an action that I own. What I would like to do is publish that action to the marketplace at the same time that the release is created. I see that the create-a-release action that I’m using doesn’t have any flag to publish to the marketplace though. I looked through the GitHub API docs, and it looks like the API doesn’t currently support publishing an action, which is why the action I’m using doesn’t have that feature. Is that correct? An action can’t be published to the Marketplace using the API? If so, is there a plan to support that?

If you have an action.yml file in your repo, with the correct fields:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Author
  • Branding:
    • Icon
    • Color

You will see an option to “Publish this Action to the GitHub Marketplace” on

  • draft release page.{owner}/{repo}/releases/new
  • the edit release page (to publish previous releases).{owner}/{repo}/releases/edit/{releases}

It should publish the next release without having to edit the release.

@ryan-cahill ,

As we known, the create-release action wraps the “Create a release” API.
Due to the “Create a release” API does not provide any parameter for publishing action to the GitHub Marketplace, so the create-release action also does not provide any input parameter for the publishing to marketplace.

Currently, after you execute the create-release action or the “Create a release” API in your workflow to create the new release for your action, you need to manually publish the created release to the GitHub Marketplace.
Find the newly created release on GitHub web UI, click “Edit” > select “Publish this Action to the GitHub Marketplace” > fill in the required information > click “Update release”.

If you really need the feature that the “Create a release” API provides a parameter for publishing action to the GitHub Marketplace, I recommend that you can directly report a feature request here. That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.