Cannot pin repository I've contributed to

I would like to pin this repo to my user page:

However, it does not appear in the list when I attempt to do so. I can pin my fork, though:

But that is not what I want to do.

I have commits in the repo (in master), correctly attributed to my user, which as I understand is the criteria for being able to pin it. I can pin other random repos I have commits in, including e.g. torvalds/linux, so this looks like a bug to me, or am I missing something here? I am also a member and admin of the organization, though that should not be necessary to pin it.

Hi @marcan :wave:

Thanks for stopping by! Happy to clarify what may be happening here.
Commits to forks don’t count as contributions, so you cannot pin a fork that you don’t own. For more information, see “Why are my contributions not showing up on my profile?

You mentioned that you were admin of the parent repository, but are you also an owner? If so, this will require further investigation.


It looks like we have an internal issue in regards to pinning forks that you contribute to. There is no ETA on when this will be fixed, but you can keep an eye on our Changelog and this topic for updates.


I have commits in the upstream repo. I have direct commit access to that upstream repo. My fork is basically meaningless here; effectively the issue is that I can’t pin a top-level repo (not a fork) that I contribute to, from an organization I am a member of.

For the avoidance of confusion, I have deleted my fork (it was obsolete anyway, I push directly to upstream branches for PRs). The upstream repo still does not show up in my list of repos to pin.

So this isn’t an issue regarding pinning forks. A non-fork, top-level, organization repo, where I have commits, that I am an owner of, and that I have commit access to, and where I have both pushed code and opened PRs that got merged, is not showing up in my list of repos available to pin. Meanwhile a couple dozen or more random repos I have just sent fly-by PRs to, or even torvalds/linux where I have contributed purely via non-GitHub channels, do show up. Clearly something is broken here.

Just to confirm I have commits upstream (154 of them, I am the second largest committer):

I’m an organization owner of GlasgowEmbedded:

And also a member of the Maintainers team, which has direct write access to the repo.

So really, it doesn’t get any more “owner” than this, with contributions. Obviously I should be able to pin this repo.

Hi @marcan - you definitely should be able to pin that repo. I’ve queued a job to reindex the contribution graph for that repo, and for your account. Can you give it 24 hours to run, and then try again please?


Just checked again today and no such luck, it’s still not showing up.

Hi All, I have the same issue, however, I own the repository, the repository doesn’t show up in the list displayed to pin. This is my repository:

This repository was created recently, this may be the cause though.

Only public repos can be pinned, @rjnfrazao!