Cannot modify "myusername"

Hi, I created a repo named “myusername” 5 months ago, and used Jekyll as my template. It works well, I could see my webpage via: “myusername” Then I deleted this repo, but the webpage still there. Yesterday, I create a repo named “myusername” again, and used a different template, but the webpage didn’t change, it was still the old version. I tried every method, for example, set future: true, or modified the timezone, all failed. The old repo seems always there and I couldn’t use my new repo to modify the webpage. Could anyone help me? Thanks!

Update: It shows the right webpage after I switch my browser from Chrome to ie. So weired.

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HI @yuzhenmao and welcome to the community!

Have you tried clearing your browser history in Chrome? There may be cached data.

Thanks, ernest! @ernest-phillips Now it works! :grinning:

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