Cannot login to github due to TFA

I haven’t been using github for a while.

Today when I am trying to sign it, it asks for a two-factor authorization, and sending the code to an old work email which I don’t have access to anymore.

I remember the login and password for the account.

Any chance I can get access to my account?


Hi @suvoganguli2, welcome to the community! Our private support team can help you with this, provided you have access to your recovery codes. Before you open a support request at you might consider the following:

The quickest way to regain access to an account is by using the recovery codes we asked you to download when you enabled 2FA.

Even if you think you might not have your recovery codes, it’s worth searching your computer, backups, and password managers for them just to be sure. They would have had the default filename github-recovery-codes.txt.

I hope this helps!